We have the ability to topcoat multiple substrates, including but not limited to: concrete, asphalt, steel, ceramic, tile, wood and, flagstone 

Cost varies by project. Please contact us for a more detailed quote. 

Yes, you can pick your own colours. Custom colour selections are included in all estimates. 

The cost of removing your original surface and replacing it with a new one is both expensive and time-consuming. With our overlay, we work with your existing base to fix what is already there. Typically installations are a 1 day process.  

Our overlay is very easy to maintain, and can be washed using soap and water. 

If maintained as advised, it can last up to 20 years. 

No, this surface has built-in, anti-slip properties. Thus, the ideal surface to prevent slip and fall injuries. 

No, it is crack resistant. Our proprietary high-tech polymer resin allows for flexibility, thus has the ability to expand and contract during our extensive freeze cycles. 

Yes, you can apply any type of salt as it will not damage the surfacing. The salts do not affect the material. Any ice will dissipate, leaving your surface perfectly intact and slip resistant.