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What is concrete? |

Concrete is a material made of sand and gravel mixed together with cement, making it very durable and long-lasting. This makes it a popular choice for driveways, patios, and other high-traffic areas in your outdoor space. Concrete is a versatile material that can take on different colours and shapes with ease, making it an excellent medium to express your design side.

Why concrete? |

Concrete is a great choice for many reasons:
  • Style Options

    Concrete is perfect if you’re looking to spruce up any area with a little colour. Applications such as interlock can be expensive, but have a very desirable aesthetic look. Luckily, concrete can imitate this look and won’t break the bank! In its original form it’s grey, but it’s easy to stain or tint concrete to any colour you like. You can match your home’s colour scheme or make a pattern and create a focal point right in your front yard. We have many different decorative stamped and broom/brushed concrete designs.

  • Longevity

    Concrete is known to be long lasting due to its durability. It doesn’t crack very easily, and even with no maintenance it can last 30-40 years, especially if it’s professionally installed as we recommend.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    It’s long lasting, which means less materials used overall, and it’s often a lighter colour which means it reflects light, reducing the amount of heat held in urban areas. While concrete is made of renewable sources to start with, you can also ask to have your pavement be made using waste or recycled byproducts to decrease your ecological footprint even more. Once its life cycle is complete, it can also be recycled, which is great news.

  • Low Maintenance

    Because of how hard concrete is, it requires basically no maintenance. It can stain though, so just make sure to pressure wash the surface every few years or so and it’ll look good as new. To make it last longer, we recommend winterizing your concrete driveway so it performs better in cold weather and prevent frost heaves.

  • Increase home value

    When buyers are looking at your home, they are looking for certain things like what kind of maintenance is required, and how long will certain elements last. With concrete, they can expect lower maintenance and it to be longer lasting , shining a good light on the rest of your home.

Warranty |

Warranty and Customer Information for Concrete Services
Samterra Concrete

We know how important concrete is in our lives, which is why we’ve made all things concrete our passion. Our promise to you is that we’ll provide the highest quality materials and service, creating results you’ll love for years to come. Call us today and let us bring our project management skills and extensive construction experience to your next project.

Samterra Concrete works hard to ensure that you will have high quality, long lasting concrete around your home or business. Whether it is your sidewalk, driveway, garage, or stairs you are assured that we will do the best we can to meet or exceed your expectations. Our crew members are properly trained to prepare, set up, pour and finish concrete to the highest of industry standards. We ensure our team keeps up to date with the latest materials and techniques. We work hand in hand with our concrete producers and suppliers in order to give you the highest quality materials. 

How To Take Care Of Your Concrete Surface

  • Please allow 28 days drying time before you drive on of place hot tub/swim pad on you’re your new concrete. Most applications require only 48 hrs before light use. Please contact the office or your foreman to advise you for situations placing specific weighted items. Warranty does not cover damage from straining the concrete under too much weight before recommended cure time.

  • Do not allow water to drain under the slab as this may result to settlement cracks.

  • Refrain from using de-icing chemicals such as salt for snow and ice removal on the first winter after installation. You may use sand and concrete safe de-icers for traction to avoid damages.

  • Never use de-icers that contain ammonium nitrate or ammonium sulphate such as fertilizers to your concrete surface. These products are known to aggressively attack and damage concrete. (This will cause popping and flaking which is not covered in the warranty)

  • For stamped surfaces; surface must be re-sealed after first year and every second year subsequently to ensure surface stays durable for many years to come. Warranty voided if Samterra Concrete does not install sealer.

  • Do not use harsh chemicals to remove stains. You may use a product that is specially designed to remove the stain or for use on concrete surfaces.